Waterproof Trekking Socks

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Keeping your feet warm, dry and comfortable is a must when you are trekking.  This trekking sock has been designed with a few features that are going to allow you to focus on the things that matter when in the outdoors, like fresh air, beautiful views and exercise rather than cold, wet uncomfortable feet!  

Firstly, the lining of these socks has been manufactured with Merino wool which is generally regarded as the finest and softest wool available giving you a superior feel when you wear these socks.  Using this natural product harnesses the power of nature but probably more importantly to your friends and family, means it help keeps odours at bay!

This range of socks goes a step further too (excuse the pun!).  With a terry loop pad from heel to toe, you are going to be able to achieve those longer hikes in comfort for longer.  It’s being out on the hills and in the mountains testing and refining that has helped DexShell develop such a great trekking product and this is one waterproof sock we would highly recommend.

Used all over the world, these socks have been tested in all sorts of climates and conditions worn by everyone from your casual weekend hiker to those on a more serious expedition.

This is mid-weight, mid-calf sock and so acts as a great all-rounder.  As well as the brilliant interlining Porelle Membrane, this sock also has durable Nylon outer shell and an elastic cuff to keep the sock from slipping down.  The technical details of the sock are below, but as one of our most popular socks, we can tell you there are going to keep you warm, dry and comfy!

They are a winning combination of performance and aesthetic design. An innovative, three layer structure is used which consists of:

Outer shell: 96% Nylon, 3% Elastane and 1% Cuff Elastics

Interlining: Porelle® Membrane

Inner sock: 38% Merino Wool, 38% Anti-pilling Acrylic and 24% Nylon

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