How to look after your gloves, socks and hats

As with all clothes, proper care will extend the life of your Dexshell products, which are made of advanced composite and laminated materials. Performance may be compromised or your products damaged if you do not carefully follow the instructions for looking after your items.

  • Do not puncture the membrane within the fabric, or leaks will occur.
  • Always wear shoes with your socks to prevent damage to the performance barrier.
  • You can handwash your items.
  • You can machine wash your items on a warm or cold wash setting at temperatures below 105°F (40°C).
  • Do not wring Dexshell items.
  • We recommend drip drying your items, but you can tumble dry on a low setting.
  • Do not iron Dexshell items.
  • Keep away from sources of direct heat.
  • Do not bleach Dexshell products.
  • Do not dry clean products
hand washwarm machine washtumble dry lowdrip drydo not wringDo not ironDo not dry cleanDo not bleach

If you take care of your Dexshell socks, gloves and hats they will give you great performance, time after time.